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Our Tangorail System offers an extensive range of solutions for any environment or purpose – from residential, to schools, public parks and playgrounds through to corporate offices and government buildings.

Customers of all kinds benefit from railings. They allow commercial properties, educational campuses, and car parking areas to protect people and premises safe, reduce the risk of intrusion, deter trespassers and create boundaries.

Our Tangorail railing systems are eco-friendly and provide optimum safety and security, outstanding reliability and strength, and unmatched versatility. These types of fences are designed for commercial locations where image is important but the need for at least a medium level of boundary security is required.

One of the fastest growing systems for this type of location is Tangorail self-raking railings, which offer a modern design that is uniquely assembled after colour coating. This allows the customer to have multi-colour components to a single panel so that the fence appearance matches corporate colours and logos, or is visually appealing for use in playgrounds.

What is the Tangorail range?

Our Tangorail range can meet any requirement; a low bow top fence (RoSPA) creates a visual boundary, while a high pointed top finial railing makes unwanted entry impossible.

The range includes:

Railings that are customised every time

Customers can choose colours to complement the landscape and surrounding areas, and choose from metal or iron railings in a range of models, sizes, shapes and heights to best suit their needs.

Meeting industry standards

All our Tangorail fencing and gates conform to UK Building Regulations for anti-trap, with a 100mm gap as standard, so organisations specify Almec fencing for any application without public safety concerns.

Our Tangorail Playground Bow Top fencing meet BS EN 1176 safety standards, making it ideal for environments where children may be present, such as schools, play areas, playgrounds and parks. These safe systems ensure there are no areas for entrapment such as head, neck or finger.

Our Tangorail railings TR100, TR200 and TR300 have also been SR1 certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which is recognised by governments and regulatory authorities globally. Accredited products provide proven, demonstrable protection which is recognised by insurance companies through reduced premium costs.

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