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At Almec Fencing we supply and install MUGA’s (Multi-use games areas) and sports fencing for individuals, Clubs, Schools, Colleges and universities throughout the most of the UK utilising our prime location in the midlands, Stoke-on-Trent to be precise, meaning easy across the whole of the country. Multiple-use games areas (MUGA's) are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their super versatility. A space-saving solution and ideal for schools and colleges, MUGAs lend themselves to various sporting activities and enable the timetabling of different sports games or matches on a single surface. We will be pleased to talk you through the design process and installation work from start to finish, you can speak to our one of experts today!

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Leading MUGA Contractors

Leading Sports Court and Fencing Contractors

If you are currently considering a new MUGA / Sports Court for private use, a recreation centre, members club or educational institution, you might have already seen or heard that there are various choices of surfaces to install. Options include porous tarmacadam, synthetic turf and polymeric EPDM rubber. Naturally, the characteristics of each type confer distinct advantages, which one of our expert advisers will be delighted to discuss with you. For outdoor sports activities, tarmacadam surfaces are very cost-effective. In particular, they combine excellent porosity and free-draining properties with durability and safety, making them ideal for netball and basketball. As well as these team games, polymeric MUGA surfaces are also a great selection for tennis coaching. The flooring features a top sealing coat of polyurethane paint, which is anti-slip for extra safety during intensive usage.


MUGA Goal Ends

Almec Fencing has a wide range of cost-effective Goal Ends, which has been designed over the years. Suitable for a wide range of sports, including football, basketball and hockey. Our Goal Ends may be designed for primary school children with smaller goals and basketball hoops at a lower height or secondary education with larger goals or even professional size with recessed fence lines to fit removable goals. Whatever the requirement, we have the solution. We offer a range of rigid Sports Mesh Fencing and Gate choices for our MUGA enclosures, along with rebound panels and recessed goal, target and ball chute options, and an entire range of bright and bold Sports Markings to suit all of your school’s sporting needs. Our Sports Mesh Fencing has an anti-climb design so it’s safe and secure from both sides. A clear through-view allows spectators to stand safely around the edges of the MUGA to cheer on their classmates!

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Sports Fencing

For Ball Courts, Sports Courts or multi use games areas (MUGA Fencing), mesh panel systems (sports fencing) are becoming increasingly popular. Mesh panels comprise of wires welded at each intersection; however, unlike standard weldmesh, it is produced in a panel format, thus making it easy to erect and negating the need for straining posts. Our Ball Stop Mesh System is a attractive style of fencing with easy visibility through for watching sport. Our Ball Stop Mesh Sports Fencing range can also be colour customised to a choice of colours. There are an endless combination of Ball Stop court sizes, fencing specifications, fencing heights, surfacing options and sport provisions to choose from when designing a Multi-use games area, two courts are rarely the same. We aim to work with clients and outline their specific needs versus their budget and available site, to come up with the best court possible. We have over 30 years experience in erecting Ball Court and Ball Stop Fencing across the UK, for an array of organisations, sports facilities and educational organisations.

The Dual Defence sports options are best utilised in a ballcourt and ball stop environment, either standard or rebound panels can be used to form courts of any size. Sport and play form an essential part of modern healthy living and nearly all outdoor sports requirements can be catered for in a Almec Duex Ballcourt. Goal ends, basket ballhoop, tennis nets and even cricket stumps can be incorporated. Double sided fences can facilitate multiple courts side by side and court features can be further enhanced with cranked top or radiused corner panels. We also now Supply and Install a range of Spectator Rail for sporting and educational purposes, Almec Fencing's Spectator Rail has a double wire mesh infill and strong tubular top rail for spectator leaning. The mesh panel is capped off with our very own Almec Fencing unique ‘Safe 2 View’, plastic sleeve that fits to the top of the mesh, protecting players and spectators from any sharp edges that my protrude from the mesh panel.

The benefits to installing a MUGA in your facility

The benefits to installing a MUGA in your facility

Can be used for Multiple Sports

The biggest benefit. The space is multi-use making it a fantastic investment as it means that rather than having to finance and build multiple game surfaces, a MUGA can be used to host a variety of sports on one surface. Not only does this save money, but it’s also perfect for small spaces. Most sports can be played on a MUGA sports pitch: including football, rugby, cricket, netball, tennis, badminton, basketball and athletics.

Low Maintenance Costs

Another major benefit of a MUGA surface is that they are low maintenance because of the artificial surface. Synthetic grass for football and rugby. Sand-filled or sand dressed artificial turf for multi-sports, including hockey. Needlepunch fibre bonded turf can be installed in a range of bright colours for football, hockey and athletics. Macadam and polymeric court surfacing: for football, tennis, netball and basketball. On-going maintenance costs are minimal (in comparison to real grass pitches). The number of maintenance hours required is also drastically lower. We offer a range of maintenance packages suited to your budget to keep your new surface in the top, playable condition.

Can be played on 24 hours a Day, 365 Days of the Year

When compared to real grass surfacing, a major advantage is a fact that this type of surfacing can be used around the clock. This makes a MUGA surface a fantastic investment for sports clubs, recreation centres and schools, as play hours are at their maximum. One of the biggest frustrations with real turf pitches is that winter play can be very different to summer play. Most real grass pitches are waterlogged during the winter and dry and patchy during the summer months, offering vastly different playing experiences. A MUGA surface looks and performs exactly the same way in the summer as they do in the winter months allowing any rainfall to rapidly drain through the surface.

Reduces the chance of injury

The earliest form of MUGA surfacing was macadam. However, this form of MUGA can be abrasive and result in cuts and grazes for partakers. More recently, synthetic turf and polymeric surfacing have become far more desirable than the macadam, reducing the chance of injury. Both of these types of surfacing (synthetic turf in particular) are far less abrasive and if slips and trips occur, there is far less chance of cuts and grazes resulting from it. Polymeric surfacing is also soft and springy minimising the risk of sprained ankles and the impact on joints.

It’s long lasting

MUGA sports pitches are long-lasting alternatives to real grass pitches. Depending on the type of surface and the level of usage, most MUGA pitches have a lifespan of at least 10 years. When you consider that they can be played almost 24 hours a day (with minimal maintenance), there is a boundless amount of potential playing hours, making MUGAs a great long-term investment compared to a real grass pitch.

Encourages exercise within the local community

Having a high-quality sports pitch in the local community encourages people to take part in sports and physical exercise regularly. Playing on poor quality pitches can be demotivating for participants. MUGAs are designed for multiple sports and will cater for many different sports, rather than limiting players to a single option. Overall, it will help to encourage more members of the local community to get together and play within a team environment.

Improves Mental Health

As well as the physical benefits associated with playing sport, it is also a very sociable experience. A great way to meet new people, playing sport helps give players a sense of pride and the ability to work and interact as part of a team. Physical exercise can also help with our general wellbeing, aiding stress, low mood and anxiety.

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