What Mesh Security Fencing is right for our Organisation in 2020?

Almec Fencing's mesh fencing products have been designed to add an aesthetic appeal to an overloaded mesh fencing category, a high performance system complete with excellent appearance. Almec Fencing offer a substantial range of complete Mesh panel system fencing for general boundary and demarcation purposes, as well as multi-sports facilities, commercial premises, educational facilities and industrial areas, through to maximum security applications for prisons and military installations.

But what type of Mesh Security Fencing is right for your Organisation?

There are many different types of Mesh Fencing available for Supply and Installation across the market and with Almec Fencing. We will take a look at our range of different types of Mesh Fencing below:

V Defence Mesh Security Fencing:

Almec's V-Defence Mesh fencing is the most cost-effective mesh product available, ideal for basic demarcation applications. A rigid panel system with integrated profiled-beams, supplied complete with all the necessary components.

Pro Defence Mesh Security Fencing:

Almec Fencing's Pro Defence System is a Rigid Type System providing an excellent visual appearance. Its aesthetic look is especially popular with architects. Manufactured to bsen 1722 part 14 - cat 1 & 2. 

The rigid mesh system is suitable for most applications were general site demarcation is required typical examples are uses in schools, public areas, commercial businesses & retail outlets. 

Max Defence 358 Mesh Fencing

Perfectly suited to high security applications, providing excellent see through visibility extensively used with CCTV. This high performance system provides the ultimate protection against anti-climb & cut through. Suitable to be used on schools, retail parks, business parks, utility sites, airports, secure units. Detection systems are fully compatible with Max-Defence 358

Profiled Max Defence 358 Mesh Fencing

A high security fence system providing excellent protection against vandalism and intrusion, Profiled Max Defence 358 has been specifically designed to give an aesthetic appearance yet providing a high degree of security.

Developed with the same security features of Max-Defence 358 with the addition of a V-beam to prevent flexing and to retain a rigid and straight fenceline.  T he profiled Max-Defence 358 system is suitable for sites requiring a high degree of security typical examples are uses in schools, distribution, industrial parks, commercial businesses and retail outlets.
It is a-lot of information to take in, we understand that, but, hopefully this article will introduce you and give you some more knowladge into the types of Mesh Fencing that could be most suited to your industrial or commercial building. 
If you are still unsure about anything Mesh Fencing related, please get in touch using the below details:

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