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Almec Fencing's Ultimate Site Hoarding Guide for 2020

The Benefits Of Site Hoardings

Today, regardless of whether you’re in the centre of Manchester, the Staffordshire countryside or further afield, construction sites are everywhere. While they’re necessary in order to build office space, homes and of course, improve our local areas, there’s no getting round the fact that they’re a dangerous place to be for the public.

With this in mind, strong and durable solutions must be created in order to protect the public and reduce things like injury and theft. Enter building site hoardings.

What Are Site Hoardings?

Site hoardings, also known as construction hoarding or printed site hoardings are a form of temporary fencing. They’re used to create a strong perimeter around a construction site, to divide venues and restrict public access. They’re most commonly found at construction sites, parking lots, emergency relief sites and outdoor events.

Site hoardings, while a temporary measure, are a durable timber fence. They’re normally of a hardwearing nature and provide a solid means of giving the general public protection from what’s behind them. So what are the overall benefits of site hoardings?


What Makes Site Hoardings More Effective At Boosting Brand Awareness?

There can be little doubt that site hoardings constitute one of the best ways of drawing attention to a construction site’s marketing suite and of drumming up business from passers-by as well as locals.

As a billboard-style advertisement, a well-positioned site hoarding is a cost-effective way to let people know that the homes you  are building are either ready for sale or coming soon. However, their functionality can go far beyond this simple marketing messaging. 

They are great ways of reinforcing your brand image, as well. When it comes to brand awareness, house builders, in particular, need to make sure they remain one step ahead of the game.

Brand awareness drives sales channels but it also acts as a mark of distinction from competitors, too. Furthermore, solid brand awareness in the construction sector can also help sourcing financing more readily, too.

How Do Site Hoardings Protect Building Sites?

Trespassing Is Impossible

Current regulations have stated that contractors must take reasonable steps to prevent any unauthorized access to a construction site. Within these regulations however, it also states that there must be a system in place where controlled access is gained, say for instance, via a security gate.

Construction site hoarding allows a checkpoint to be created, where workers and site visitors can have their ID checked and recorded, deliveries can be scheduled and the site managers know who’s on site at all times.

Equipment Is Protected From Theft

Building hoardings not only keep trespassers and the public out, they also keep your equipment and materials safe. With one or two securely gated entries, theft is greatly reduced. Your equipment and materials stay exactly where they should be as thieves will find it near enough impossible to penetrate the hoardings. Moreover, thieves are often deterred at the mere sight of them.

Do you need some advice on your Construction Site Hoarding Installation? Get in touch today.

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