Top 5 Benefits of a Garden Fence

Fences are usually installed with a particular purpose in mind, but actually have many uses and benefits.

At Almec Fencing, we wanted to share what we think the top five benefits of fencing are, to give you a guide when choosing and to really highlight what a great investment it can be.


  1. Security – Fencing improves security.  It keeps the inside in and the outside out, preventing unwanted animals, unauthorised vehicles or people from accessing your land.

    Close board fence panels create a very popular screen fence, offering privacy and security. They are manufactured using heavy timber framing and treated with timber preservative to ensure greater durability for a longer life.


  1. Privacy – Maybe you have neighbouring houses overlooking your garden or you just want to have that feeling of your own enclosed space. Our best-selling Venetian Panel is the perfect solution. It is manufactured using heavy timber battens, to provide superior strength and closed horizontal slats for privacy.


  1. Divider – Fences are a perfect way to divide up a space. This could be around your home, workplace or land. Round Top Picket Fencing is a great option, with its traditional style of horizontal rails with gaps between each pale. They also come pre-assembled, so you only have to attach them to fence posts to create your divider.


  1. Shelter – Wind, rain, direct sun? Is there a spot in your garden that needs a little extra protection? Our Hurdles are great for sheltering flower borders from windy conditions. They are made by skilled craftsmen, using entirely natural materials. The panels are hand woven and ideal for forming a natural looking backdrop to any landscaping scheme.


  1. Decoration – You may wish to create a feature out of your fence, and provide privacy and security without sacrificing you garden’s aesthetics. This can be achieved very easily with our great range of Decorative fence panels.


So, whether you want to keep intruders out, create some privacy or simply make your garden look nicer, fencing is the ideal choice. We stock fencing panels in a variety of sizes and designs, to suit your needs. Pay us a visit and our friendly staff will help you find exactly what you are looking for.




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