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Multi-use games areas (MUGAs) are increasingly popular in schools and within the educational sector thanks to a surge in interest in a range of sports, and it is important to have the right fencing to enclose them.

MUGAs are marked out and made for more than one sport. A standard area might contain five-a-side football and hockey pitches and basketball, netball and tennis courts. Larger MUGAs can include larger football and hockey pitches and multiple basketball, netball and tennis courts, even cricket stumps!

The multi-purpose design of these school games areas means that they get a lot of use by children. As a result, the fencing that surrounds them has to be suited to this specific type and level of high-impact use. This is why schools need to install MUGA fencing, rather than non-MUGA alternatives.

Why MUGA fencing is a must for schools

Here are some benefits of MUGA fencing for schools:

  1. Hard-wearing. MUGA fencing is designed to be resilient to the repeated impact, from balls and other equipment, which is a key feature of multi-use games areas. This type of fencing is strong, robust and durable.
  2. Good visibility. MUGA fencing allows teachers and parents a clear view into the games area. Furthermore, those inside the games area can see clearly out, further enhancing safety and security.
  3. Anti-climb. MUGA fencing is designed to be very difficult to climb. This helps to ensure the safety of the children using games areas and to protect the areas from trespassers and vandals and the damage they could do.
  4. Safe design. As well as anti-climb properties, another security feature of MUGA fencing is its flush safety edges. This safety aspect is very important in what is often a high-speed, high-impact sports area.
  5. Easy to install. MUGA fencing is simple to install. Erection is quick and efficient. This minimises any disruption to school premises and activity, and ensures installation costs are reasonable and affordable.
  6. Low maintenance. Because MUGA fencing is specifically designed for multi-use games areas and is robust, resilient and long-lasting, a low level of maintenance is required. As a result, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.
  7. Cost-efficient. All these benefits combine to make MUGA fencing a cost-effective choice for schools. By choosing this type of fencing, schools make long-term cost savings while ensuring high levels of performance and safety.

Furthermore, MUGA fencing for schools and the educational sector is available in a range of sizes and with various features. This means that these fencing systems can be tailored to meet specific requirements. For example, if your school is located in a busy urban or built-up area, a higher level of fencing and more secure entrance systems can be installed.

Whatever your school requires for its multi-use games area, a high-quality MUGA fencing system that meets your performance and safety needs can be quickly and cost-effectively supplied and installed.

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