Palisade Fencing erection for Brackmills Asda Distribution Centre

Brackmills is home to one of ASDA's Regional Distribution Centres. Located in the the Northampton area, Almec Fencing were tasked with the erection of 2.4m high galvanised Palisade Fencing for security and boundary purposes. 

Palisade fencing has a complete strong and durable construction providing excellent protection against climbing and cut-through, providing protection from intruders and vehicle entry. Provided in either ‘D’ or a ‘W’ profile to varying specifications suitable for many applications from housing sub stations to basic demarcation, available in a number of heights, including 2m, 2.4 and 3m, all in stock and available for supply, and supply and installation. 

One of the pros of Palisade Fencing is its high durability, for making palisade fences have to be those that are approved by the relevant authorities. Hence, you can be sure that the materials used for installing your fence are of very high quality. Our Palisade Fencing can either be galvanised, which you can see on the images of this Asda job in Brackmills Distribution Centre, or powder colour coated in a specific RAL colour of your choice, whether it be to match company branding and stick to a black / green colour. Asda Distribution Centre chose the Galvanised finish for high durability and a premium finish. 

Mesh or Palisade Fencing?

It is often a tough choice for all industrial sites and distribution centres on the decision on choosing between installing mesh fencing or steel palisade fencing for your organisation can be a tough decision – you want to ensure you pick the right type of security fencing for your project, and also know both its advantages and disadvantages. Almec Fencing's team of industry professionals can help you fill in the blanks so you know what to choose for your fencing solution.

Advantages and Disadvantages of V-Defence Mesh Fencing

Ideal for such premises as schools, colleges and small units, V-Defence Mesh Fencing is the in-between cost effective option if you want the looks and basic security of mesh fencing with additional strength similar to palisade. However, all mesh fencing can be cut, so if your organisation wants to focus on security, for example to protect stock or valuable items, you want to look at a fence type that is near-impossible to climb, intimidating, and durable – able to withstand damage, then Palisade Fencing maybe for you. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Palisade Fencing

When you compare closely Mesh vs Palisade Fencing, it’s clear from the first instinct, that palisade fencing is better suited for industrial sites rather than local businesses or schools. It’s extremely strong, hard-wearing and durable, giving off the physical presence that it is creating a barrier for a place one should not enter without authorisation.

Our Palisade fencing usually disables vision from those outside of the premises and has the adaptability to have additional security measures installed upon it – such as warning signs or CCTV cameras.

However, with most products there are some disadvantages of Palisade Fencing...

A known disadvantage is that Palisade Fencing can have a tendency to let in creatures from the outside. They can also be easier to climb than our V-Defence Mesh Fencing – however, all our palisade fencing is fitted with a pointed top for added security and a barrier to intruders. For long term protection and durability, palisade fencing is your winner.

All properties and industrial businesses have different needs in terms of Security Fencing, we will always require a site visit beforehand. To arrange a site visit or just some professional advice, email us on or call us on 01782 838620


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