Enhancing Security and Aesthetics: Almec Fencing Completes Green Palisade Metal Fencing Project in Newcastle-under-Lyme

In a recent project, Almec Fencing successfully completed the supply and installation of a robust green palisade metal fencing system around an industrial unit in the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme. The project not only aimed to enhance security for the industrial facility but also contributed to defining clear boundaries between the industrial zone, a public footpath, and a road.

Challenges Addressed:

The industrial unit, situated in a bustling area of Newcastle-under-Lyme, posed unique challenges due to its proximity to a public footpath and a road. The client, keen on securing their premises while maintaining a balance with the surroundings, opted for a green palisade metal fencing solution. This choice not only provided a formidable barrier against unauthorised access but also complemented the industrial aesthetic with its sleek and modern design.

Key Features of the Project:

  1. Enhanced Security: The primary objective of the project was to bolster security for the industrial unit. The green palisade metal fencing system, known for its durability and strength, serves as a deterrent against trespassing and unauthorised entry. Its formidable design provides a robust defence without compromising on visual appeal.

  2. Clear Boundary Demarcation: The installation of the fencing system helped in clearly demarcating the boundaries of the industrial unit. This was particularly crucial given the unit's proximity to a public footpath and road. The fencing not only provided a physical barrier but also communicated a clear visual distinction between the private industrial space and the public areas.

  3. Aesthetic Integration: The choice of a green palisade metal fencing system was not just about security; it also considered the visual integration of the fencing with the industrial surroundings. The green color seamlessly blends with the natural environment while adding a touch of sophistication to the industrial unit.

  4. Compliance and Safety: Almec Fencing ensured that the project adhered to all relevant safety standards and regulations. The installation not only met the client's security needs but also complied with industry norms, guaranteeing a safe and secure environment for both the industrial unit and the public.


Almec Fencing's recent completion of the green palisade metal fencing project in Newcastle-under-Lyme showcases the company's commitment to delivering effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions. The successful integration of security, clear boundary demarcation, and aesthetic appeal highlights the versatility of the chosen fencing system. As the industrial unit now stands fortified against unauthorised access, it also stands as a testament to the seamless blending of functionality and design in the realm of fencing solutions.

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