Armco Barrier Supply & Installation in Hereford

You might think that Armco barriers or crash barriers are only suitable for use on motorways or near roads. However, these barriers actually provide a fantastic level of security and safety that you will need in a range of different environments. We recently supplied and installed Armco Barrier protection in Hereford  on an Industrial premises. 

The Armco barrier system has many benefits and has been instrumental in diminishing the effects of collisions through the many ways this safety solution can be used. Reduces Impact of Collision Armco barriers are designed to reduce and limit the impact of a vehicle collision. They also create a great barrier between pedestrians and cars to enhance security and protection. 

Our very own crash barrier commonly known as ‘Armco’ is a cost effective solution to protecting pedestrians and property. Used both indoors and outdoors, in car parks, warehousing and factories, in fact in any off highway crash sensitive environment this corrugated beam provides the ideal solution. All beams are 3mm thick and hot dip galvanised to ensure a long and durable life, a full range of associated products are also available from stock. Almec Fencing also offer load tested crash barrier systems using the ‘Armco’ beams; in accordance with Annex B BS EN 1991-1-1:2002. 

If you are looking at supply or supply and installation of Armco Crash Barrier or just need some advice on the product. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of Armco Barrier specialists, you can either:

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Armco Barrier Supply & Installation in HerefordArmco Barrier Supply & Installation in Hereford


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