2m High Reflective Acoustic Fencing erected in Bignall End, Stoke-on-trent

Reflective acoustic barrier fencing offers the upmost excellent noise-reducing properties, attractive timber appearance, enhanced privacy due to its solid construction, and increased security from the flat, anti-climb profile.

Our acoustic barrier fencing works by reflecting any noise away from its precision developed profile which is created from heavy section planed timber in a V-shaped board that slots together to minimise gaps, that sound could travel through.

Offering up to 28dB* in noise reduction, it is an ideal solution for schools, commercial sites and residential properties.

This project was completed on a residential property in Stoke-on-trent to block out road noise. At 2.0 metres high, this reflective acoustic fencing is sure to do the job.

If you require any assistance or need any advice regarding acoustic fencing, please contact the team today. 


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