1.5m High Playspec Bowtop Railings & Gates Fitted at a School in Abbey Hulton

Bow top railings are a traditional design ideally suited for schools, children’s play areas and public parks and gardens because all metalwork has rounded finishes.

Almec work extensively in the education sector providing school fencing across the country, especially within Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. 

At Almec Fencing we ensure all our school fencing systems are attractive and secure. 

All school fencing systems should:

1. Project a positive image of the school

2. Provide a safe and secure learning environment with minimal visual impact on the immediate surroundings or neighbours

3. Be fit for purpose, whatever the specific requirement, and be fully compliant with current legislation

Take a look at our range of Railings, including our Bow Top Railings here!


Bow top railingsSchool railings

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