1.8m High V Defence Mesh Fencing System


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All of our V Defence Mesh pricing includes the Panels, Posts and necessary Clips, if you require more clips please click here and add as many as needed. 

*Please note* only one post supplied per panel. You will need to purchase an extra post for a full system

1.8m High 'V' Mesh Fencing

When it comes to security fencing 'V' mesh is one of the most comprehensive, cost effective solutions. It provides fantastic security, looks and value for money without compromising on any of the features you would expect from a top of the line security fence.

Aesthetics of 'V' Mesh Fencing

This fencing is considered to be one of the nicest looking security fences around today. It has a unique aesthetic appeal that comes from its unique profile and design. The panels have 'V' shapes pressed into them that not only add to the overall look of the fence but also increase rigidity, stability and strength along as making it harder to climb.

What Makes 'V' Mesh Fencing Secure

'V' Mesh Fencing is made from steel wire that is incredibly difficult to cut with standard tools. On top of this it is very hard to climb over and very resilient to direct attack (such as someone driving a car straight at it at speed). The open mesh design of the panels means that you and your security system have a clear view of what is happening on the opposite side. This makes it easy to spot anyone who is attempting to break into your premises.

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