Timber Picket Fencing fitted in Alsager

A picket fence is a traditional style of fence, made from wooden picket pales attached to a rail, with gaps left between the pales to create a demarcation fence.

A picket fence is traditionally installed around front gardens, parks or educational boundaries, and improves the appearance and security of a property, as it provides good lines of sight from the property. The stylish round top design has been popular for many years, and is the perfect option for protecting or marking out boundaries while still allowing light to pass through.

Our picket fences come in two different styles; either with pointed tops or our most popular for obvious reasons, the rounded tops. They are available in traditional kit form – built on site from separate pales, rails and posts, or can be purchased as pre-constructed picket fence panels. A traditional picket fence is ideal for uneven terrains or slopes, as the individual pales can be staggered accordingly to create an even gradient.

This is the case in this recent Picket Fence job in Alsager, with uneven terrain and vertical slopes, the picket fence is a perfect boundary separating the grass area from the tarmac ground. 

A picket fence offers great value for money and aside from the typical uses can be used in many scenarios, from creating pet enclosures, pub garden areas, educational boundaries and much more. Browse our recent customer project below for some inspiration.

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