Timber Knee Rail Fencing Supplied and Installed for a Car Park in Manchester

Timber / Wooden knee rail fencing from Almec Fencing, also known as birdsmouth fencing and diamond rail fencing, is a low-cost and unobtrusive type of wooden rail fencing for boundary demarcation. Being low enough to step over, it provides no perimeter security function. At Almec Fencing we offer the supply and installation for this style of fencing, in a variety of materials, but our timber knee rail fencing is particularly popular for use at schools, around car parks, alongside footpaths, and at sports fields and play areas. It acts as a strong deterrent to drivers who might otherwise stray from roadways and parking areas, as well as discouraging pedestrians from walking on planted borders or lawned areas.

This particular install was for a car park in Manchester. Installed by our specialist team of industrial / commercial fence erectors. 

Unlike other types, timber knee rail fencing benefits from a natural aesthetic that is often sought by architects and specifiers. Wooden knee rail is excellent for straight runs, however in this case with a curved run, while curved runs can be constructed by careful cutting of the posts and rails. Alternatively, two posts can be installed adjacent to each other with their birdsmouth v-cuts at appropriate angles to support the rails. Timber knee rail fencing benefits from a very simple design and is constructed on-site, so it can easily be built to follow inclines or undulating terrain. In any event, timber knee rail fencing is quick to install.

We use only pressure-treated timber from sustainable UK supplies. The end result is a long-lasting fence that requires minimal maintenance, yet it can easily be repaired should the need arise. If you require timber knee rail fences to a different design than the usual diamond rail format, talk to us about your requirements because we can design, manufacture and install bespoke timber knee rail fencing to meet your needs, working from detailed drawings or rough sketches.

To contact either email the team at info@almecfencing.co.uk or call the team on 01782 838620

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