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  • Timber Picket fencing Fitted in Derby


    A Picket Fence is a traditional style of fencing produced from wooden pales attached to a rail.

    Picket fencing is the perfect option to protect or mark out boundaries for your area, but also allow the light to pass through the fence or for people to see through the fence.

    A Picket fence will suit and fit in to almost all properties and gardens, so it's a great option to use when protecting features in the garden such as ponds or swimming pools without blocking views or being too intimidating

    Almec Fencing produce two standard styles of quality fencing, either rounded top or pointed top. For enquiries about Picket Fencing or any other fencing, please get in touch today,

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  • Cycle rack & V-Defence mesh fencing fitted in Tunstall
















    Offering a stylish design and rigid construction, Almec Fencing's Mesh Fencing is an extremely reliable security fencing system which is often used to protect industrial sites, schools, sports stadiums, airports and commercial buildings throughout the UK.

    V Mesh Fencing features a ‘v’ shape within it’s design, which increases the stability of the Mesh Fencing panel, as well as making it more difficult to climb.

    There are many benefits from V Mesh Security including it’s high level of strength and endurance. Designed for permanent installation this security fencing style allows a good level of visibility through the mesh fencing system, so the outside perimeter of the site can still be viewed.

    This V-defence mesh fencing was fitted in Tunstall along side a Cycle Rack.

    These racks are an easy and simple bicycle parking solution. Ideal for Schools, sports stadiums and commercial buildings.

    For any queries you may have regarding security fencing and cycle racks, get in touch via our CONTACT FORM 

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  • Handrail barriers fitted at Derby Arena Velodrome













    Almec Fencing have recently completed fitting some stainless steel handrail barriers at the Derby Arena Velodrome. These heavy duty barriers were designed to achieve  a 1.5 k/n loading, the heavy duty stainless tube was bent into a tight hairpin and then installed to the arena steps.

    We now offer a range of vehicle and pedestrian protection systems, including pedestrian and vehicle barriers, also internal mesh systems.

    Please get in touch today via our contact form, alternatively, Call us on 01782 838620

  • Armco Crash Barrier fitted in Fenton

    Armco Crash Barrier in Fenton Armco Crash Barrier in FentonArmco Crash Barrier in Fenton Armco Crash Barrier in Fenton


















    Almec Fencing have fitted this Armco system to provide outstanding performance and value when protecting buildings from damage, segregating forklift traffic from pedestrian traffic and protecting expensive equipment, (zoning production areas) from high traffic environments. This very simple, untested system consists of a ‘W’ shaped corrugated beam, 3.2m effective, fixed to a concreted in or bolted down post which are readily available in various lengths - holed for single and double height beams. This fit of Armco Crash Barrier was located on Fenton Industrial Estate to ensure complete safety within the workplace.

    At Almec Fencing we pride ourselves on innovating and finding crash barrier solutions whether that be your conventional motorway barrier, plant protection or protection for workers in your facility our experience and portfolio of Armco crash barrier products and solutions are suitable for any situation.

    Armco crash barriers are known for their versatile offering of applications and our products can be used to offer protection for a range of heights, which can be bolted or dug in to the ground giving you many options when it comes to protecting your assets. They can also be customised with handrails to offer support for pedestrians or factory workers depending on the crash barriers application.

    With our extensive range of products at Almec, vast experience in the industry and our commitment to building strong working relationships with our clients, we have developed a reputation as one of the Britain’s premium suppliers of Armco crash barrier and other crash barrier products.

    Get in touch today if you have any queries regarding Armco Crash Barriers via our CONTACT FORM .

    OR, contact us on 01782 838620

  • Welcoming our Sister Company Almec Products

    Almec Products is a sister company and the Tool side of Almec Fencing. Almec Fencing has 30 Years of experience in the fencing industry and for a few years has been supplying tools to our trade customers and public alike. We started to offer our small tool range on ebay in 2015, and have since seen our customer base and tool range grow steadily since.

    We have now decided to branch out and set Almec Products on its own, to expand into a much larger range of tools.

    Almec Products will offer you a simple and fair way of shopping online. One shipping fee per check out and honest product prices with a fast, reliable and friendly service to match.

    All goods are sent via a 24 hour Fully Tracked Shipping Service for peace of mind shopping.




    Almec Products | Hand & Power Tools

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